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Gawain O'Connor

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Gawain O'Connor

Gawain is a member of the American Numismatic Association, Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association, and many coin and stamp clubs. See the 100% positive Ebay feedback left and items on Ebay, as seller "gawain-o".

Gawain has been collecting since age 5, when given a Crusader Stamp Album, and hasn't stopped since. At age 8 he saw the inside of his first coin shop. Now, decades later, the collections include:


So. Georgia Isle Whaler's Tokens

Tatham World Coins Slideshow

O'Connor Tokens

Penguin Coins

detail of Straits coin showing King's profile
World Coins and Paper Money  --  We do have many coins for sale, paper money for sale, and even some lovely antique Irish cheques are available for sale or trade.
Irish banknotes, especially 10 shilling notes, by date (challenging to find). Also collecting Irish 19th. century tokens (large copper tokens issued to alleviate the coin shortage)
Monona token
Gawain is the co-author of  Iowa Trade Tokens, written by Jack Glass and Gawain O'Connor. The 1999 edition is out of print.
penguin detail from gold coin
Enjoy viewing a display of our collection of penguins on coins: those not already in the collection would be of interest to us for trade or purchase.
old Chinese
Chinese cast coins, esp. Xinjiang province
O'Connor name
                trade token
O'Connor tokens: any would be of interest to us for trade or purchase.
Zinc coin collection from around the world. Ask Gawain for his booklet listing zinc coins.
detail of
                Straits coin showing King's profile
The 1940 Tatham-Rexall collection: View the items in a beautiful world coin collection of the coins current from about 1936-1941, some older. This is how you may have collected world coins from those offered on approval in the 1940 Coin Collector's Catalog by Tatham Stamp and Coin Company.
Stamps and covers from the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik
detail from a South Georgia whaler's token
Stamps and any item from South Georgia island and the Falkland Islands. See great photos at  Jim McLaren's. Read about our "want list": see the South Georgia tokens we are looking for and want to buy for the South Georgia Museum.  Here is a link to "Falk Phil", a Falkland Islands numismatic-philatelic expert. 

An article about opening Mary's ESSO coin bank.

COINSHEET Numismatic Directory  is a comprehensive worldwide resource for coin and currency  related websites, which includes over 1500 listings. 

World Internet Numismatic Society has an informative mailing list.

Tommy's Numis-Plastics: some custom plastic
                        coin cases